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No More Coping: It's Time to Shine - One dad's story of reclaiming his power and stepping into his purpose

Posted on September 21 2018

In my free time I used to numb out. That looked like smoking pot, scrolling on social media, sleeping, eating sugar, and a million other distractions.

I didn’t want to feel my emotions--I was scared of what my anger and grief would feel like if I let them out. Plus, it would dent my "I'm-great-how-are-you" ego which would leave me feeling vulnerable, weak, and, well, not "great."



That said, numbing out did help me through hard times by giving me a quick solution to my hypersensitivity and shielded me from abuse that I was dealt with in my younger years. I’m grateful to this coping mechanism for helping me weather the hard times to get me to where I am now.

But I can’t just “cope” anymore. I’m a dad and a provider for a household now. I run my own business. I hold space for people to heal. Coping won’t cut it anymore.

The past year has been simultaneously the biggest struggle and the most exhilarating adventure I’ve ever had.

My entire self perception has been shattered and reconstituted by the arrival of my daughter and my marriage to my soul mate.

On top of this, I’ve been called upon to step further into my purpose as an expression liberation coach as well as to continue my education in yoga therapy.

*deep breath*

Sometimes I feel like I cannot handle this load. The instability can seem paralyzing, the uncertainty frightening. Sometimes I think, “I’ll just give up the dream and work for someone else. It’ll be more stable and I’ll earn more right away.”

But then I look around me. I turn on the news. I tune into what reality is for most men and women in our society. Depression, anxiety, addiction, disease--this is the reality for the majority of our population. Most of us in the USA and Western world are disconnected from our bodies, our passions and our purposes.

I firmly believe that connection is the cure for addiction.  There's nothing like a group of wholesome, supportive and wise people to listen  to and hold space for you when you're going through hard times.  Also, it's incredibly empowering to witness and support another human as they are processing their trauma.

But this is not the kind of heart-centered connection I witness in my community.  It's mostly small talk, drinking, watching sports or focusing on children.

But mostly, it's isolation I see.

Church helps a lot of people, but it doesn't work for me.  The bible doesn't resonate with me for a number of reasons and the concept of a "chosen people" or "my savior" or even "a God" isn't serving me.

Thank goodness I've found a few safe community spaces (non-denominational) for authentic relating.  Without them, I don't know where I'd be.  I am grateful to the yoga studios, men's and women's circles, dance community and music gatherings for holding these spaces for wholesome connection.  I've seen the healing take place in real time as people gather around a person in pain and relate to them, listen to them, calm them and heal them.

I've witnessed these transformations in my own students as well.   After merely an hour of yoga and sound with my students I witness radical shifts of consciousness as well.  “I haven’t felt this peaceful in years,” or “my pain has gone away completely,” or “ I was able to speak my truth and stand my ground for once,” or ‘ I feel less affected by other people’s stuff,” are all direct quotes from my students.  I call them students, but really they're my teachers.

Feeling into the enormous healing potential of the work that I do, I am reminded that I must continue developing my skills as a healer, facilitator, musician and coach.

The world needs me. The world needs ALL of the healers to step up NOW and double down on their commitment to bring light into the world.

I know it isn’t easy to choose the path of the healer.  But I’m calling on you to stay grounded in your purpose.  Make the sacrifice.  Ask for the support.  Create the movement.  Build the community.

We will not be stopped.  We must continue to develop our voices and deepen our commitment to our heart’s calling.

And this is my call:

I AM AN ACTIVATOR OF VOICES. I am a facilitator of embodiment. I guide humans that are awakening to their life’s purpose to find more power and resonance in their self expression.

I help people find their inner power--power to say "no," power to say "I love you," their power to say whatever their TRUTH is.  I am committed to this because I myself am a powerful, wise and kind human being and it brings joy to my heart to give my gift to the world.

From this place of power and love I am STOKED to share my latest and most soul-aligned program: the Vocal Liberation Program.  This is a 6-week online group program designed to get people more in touch with the sound of their own voices and more free to speak their truth.   Drawing on my background as a yoga teacher and musician, this program is the most fun, effective and cohesive curriculum I've yet created.

Taking it up a whole new level, my author and shamanic priestess of a wife Flow will be contributing content for the new edition. Sacred feminine vocal activation in the house!

Combining the ancient tools of yoga with cutting edge expression, Vocal Liberation Program is unlike any other voice activation program out there. It is designed to get you developing a positive relationship to your voice as a daily practice. It gets you sounding, speaking and singing in the comfort of your own home in a way that empowers your expression and resonates your whole energy field.

The cool thing is, when you do vocal liberation work, you are simultaneously doing breath work, light work, mindfulness and embodiment practices. It's hyper-effective in this way.  This is why I have spent hundreds of hours researching sound and voice and developing this experience.

On top of that, the production value of this program is top notch.  So put your good headphones on.  =)

My goal is that by 2020 500 people will have liberated their voices using this program. It is designed for healers, artists, leaders, coaches, parents and teachers who want to find their most powerful and self-expressed voice.

This is my truth.  This is my power.  I am committed to offering no less.  I do it for myself first, then for my wife and daughter, then for the awakening of the collective human voice.

Can you feel my passion?  I'm lit and I want to share this with you.
If you're like "hell yes, I want to start unblocking my self-expression," I want to gift you this 30-minute throat chakra clearing practice. Click on the link, put in your email and we'll send you the audio journey (streaming or downloadable):
If you're ready for the full vocal liberation journey, we start Sept. 30th.  Get the details and hold your spot at
Thank you for hearing me.  Thank you for seeing me.  Let's let this shit out.

Andrew is a spiritual counselor and vocal breakthrough facilitator.  He weaves the yogic tools of self healing with his experience as a life-long musician to guide awakening humans into their fullest expressive potential.  He is the creator of Namastage, and the co-founder of Expression Tribe.  Visit to for online yoga and sound resources, live events and retreats.  He lives with his wife and daughter in San Diego, CA. 

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