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Staying Sane in the Summer, it REALLY is possible. I think.

Posted on July 25 2018

Summertime brings a whole new set of challenges for our family as I’m sure it does many others. How do we keep these rambunctious little humans busy and maintain our own sanity? Do we sign up for a gazillion Summer activities or enjoy the schedule free days in our PJs until lunchtime? We are the latter. I have no regrets admitting that other than our dancing diva’s crazy dance schedule we have no activities on our agendas. Count us out for any vocational bible schools, summer camps, etc. Does it make me feel bad when I see friends pictures on social media of their kids living their “best life” at camp? Sure for maybe a hot second. Then I remember I’m their personal taxi driver during the school year. Summer is my break too!


But without all these camps and social activities how do we as parents find the calm in the storm? Here is what I have come to live by this Summer. First, I’ve entirely given up on the idea that my house will look anything like what’s on Instagram. Second, I wholly support the “Let Them Battle It Out” method. At some point, they’ll get sick of fighting with each other. Third, get back to basics when it comes to meals. It’s so hot out why spend all your time in front of the stove cooking a full meal when you know they’ll only eat a few bites. Salads and sandwiches all day long.

One of my go-to’s is a 4 ingredient pasta salad with a store-bought rotisserie chicken (this meal provides ample leftovers for days and who doesn’t love leftovers!?)

    1. Your favorite pasta (ours is the tri-color rotini)
    2. A can of sliced olives
    3. String cheese (slice them up, and you got yourself some mozzarella)
    4. Your favorite Italian dressing (we use any generic store brand)

Simple cook pasta, toss drained pasta with; olives, string cheese slices, and dressing. Serve chilled.

Another favorite is what we call the “lazy” lettuce wraps.


Just pick up one of those Chinese Chicken Salad Kits from Costco and some lettuce. Throw the chicken and noodles on lettuce leaves, top it off with the included dressing and bam you have some “lettuce wraps.”

And lastly, I don’t ever feel bad that we didn't put on real clothes at all that day.

Now, with that said, is school back in session yet!?! I want to enjoy my morning coffee in peace.

Until then, stay cool!

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