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Stitch Fix Kids, was the fix worth it?

Posted on October 01 2018

Happy Fall Y’all!

So I thought this month it would be fun to experiment a little since we are transitioning into the cooler season and try out the much anticipated Stitch Fix kids boxes. Now let me preface this by first saying, I’m a huge bargain shopper, always on the hunt for a great deal and I don’t ever buy my kids clothes if they’re not on super sale. With 3 girls we literally have too much of everything so they live on hand-me-downs. My opinion maybe a little biased but I will do my best to give you all a fair comparison between Stitch Fix kids and our very own Hipsqueak box. And obviously the biggest difference between the two, is one has all brand new items while our Hipsqueak box is full of well-cared for pre-loved items.

Stitch Fix Kids Review


  • New clothes
  • Sizing is consistent with the variety of brands
  • Nice variety of transitional pieces between seasons
  • Packaging was neat
  • Basics were fairly priced
  • 25% discount for purchasing the entire box
  • Received 10 items in my box


  • Only 1 item in the box was truly unique
  • Received 2 of the same item in 2 different colors
  • Each individual item price was more than I would normally spend
  • They don’t offer sizes smaller than a 2T
  • Sizing tends to run on the larger side. Parents of petites beware!
  • Quality of the materials is questionable. Item marked as organic wasn’t truly 100% organic. Some were very thin.
  • Received mostly basics, ie. leggings, cotton shorts, which could be found a Target for less
  • Have seen some items at discount stores like Marshalls and TJ Maxx for less
  • Small variety of brands, half my box was the same brand


       Here are a few of our Stitch Fix items:




      If we had decided to purchase all 10 pieces it would have cost us $136.50, this includes the $20.00 initial styling fee.


      Hipsqueak Box Review


      • Variety of brands
      • Mix of brand new and pre-loved items (and you can determine this blend when you sign up for box, selecting either; all new, mix of new and pre-loved or simply all pre-loved items)
      • Brand new items are also at discounted prices
      • More unique items and fewer basics
      • Offers infant sizing
      • Clean and packaged neatly
      • More expensive items were higher in quality therefore justifying price
      • Prices for each item all discounted by 50% or more off it’s retail cost
      • Additional 15% discount for purchasing the entire box
      • Received 12 items in my box


      • Brand new/boutique items can still be a bit pricey
      • Due to the variety of brands sizing can be inconsistent even when marked the same


      Here are some of our Hipsqueak pieces:



      If we had purchased all the items in our Hipsqueak Box it would of cost $129.63, this includes the $20.00 initial styling fee.

      Overall, I was underwhelmed by the StitchFix Kids box. Other than the 1 polka dot and tutu dress my 2 year old loved everything else was too basic and I personally cannot justify the cost of the items. I have found similar items at Old Navy and Target for much less than the prices StitchFix quoted on their invoice. Yes, you have to be more on top of sales and such but I would much rather wait for a great deal and be able to select the color/print my child and I both like versus having someone else pick something out and possibly not like it.

      As for the Hipsqueak Box, my 2 year old was much more interested in opening up all the items because there was a larger variety of prints and colors. For some all the prints can be a turn off but that is something that can be mentioned in the survey and your Hipsqueak stylist will then choose more muted pieces. But for us we love colorful and bold pieces. And the boutique items in this box were darling! In my personal opinion much more unique than that of the StitchFix box.


      So there you have it!

      Happy Shopping Friends!

      -Your Girl Mom, Elle

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