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Girl’s Night Out: 7 Great Activities for Mamas

Posted on February 13 2019

Are you getting burned out on being just “Mom.” Do you think to yourself “what happened to MEam I ONLY MOM?” I honestly experience these thoughts every couple of months. That’s when I know that I am in desperate need of a night out with my girls.

A girl’s night out for us moms can be therapeutic. We talk about our challenges/achievements in parenting, our marriages and anything else that is on the table for discussion. But most importantly we get to have uninterrupted adult time to talk freely and uncensored. I always end the evening feeling more like myself and the refreshed mama I need to be.

Alright, so you and your friends want to have a girl’s night out but don’t know what to do? Below you can find some of the activities that my mom- tribe and I have done. All of these I would happily do again…

7 Ideas for a “Girls Night Out”

Dinner Out: Honestly this is one of my favorite things to do with my girlfriends. We can do lunch or have an early dinner. This gives us time to talk and enjoy a dinner without interruption.


Dinner and drinks with the girls


Live Music: A lot of people would say dancing, but I don’t dance in public… for the sake of everyone else around me. So why not go to a concert or a music venue and grab a drink or two and dance (or awkwardly sway) the night away with some of favorite your gal pals.

Getting Massages: Being a mom is tough and can be stressful. A message is a great way to get nice and relaxed with your friends. Afterward you can go out to a nice meal or for coffee to talk. I promise you will come home feeling like a new you.

Escape Room: I have done this twice now as a “girls night out.” Once with my mother-in-law and sister-in-laws and another time with my closest friends. Both times were so much fun and we followed it with food and drinks out.


Girls Night Out at an escape room


The Driving Range:  Go with your fellow moms to talk, vent, enjoy food and drinks all while swinging away at golf balls. Topgolf is a perfect place for this fantastic stress releaser without feeling like you have to be a golfer.

Paint and Sip/Wine and Painting: Even if you aren’t the artistic type, enjoying some wine with your girls while attempting a wall-worthy masterpiece is a ton of fun. Plus this creates an opportunity to expand your “mom-tribe” by meeting other fabulous mamas out having a good time. Below is a pick of my “masterpiece”. You can totally see when the wine took over as the cups go up.


Sip and Paint masterpiece by moi


Girls Night In Potluck: Alright so you are on a budget and a girls night out isn’t something you can swing. Host a girls night in potluck, everybody brings a dish or appetizer and enjoy some good conversation or games.

The Importance of Making it Happen

So, send the kids to Grandma/Grandpa’s, leave them home with Dad or even banish them to a section of the house (with supervision if needed of course). Just make sure that you are getting some time with your girls. It is so important to take a break from being just Mom and be you. Not only is it beneficial for you and your friends but your family will appreciate you for taking some time for yourself.

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