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One Year Milestones (I’m not crying YOU’RE crying!)

Posted on January 18 2019

My handsome little heart turned one year old a little over a month ago (I’m not crying YOU’RE crying!), and while every child is different, there are a few milestones most kids will hit at one year. Some kids will be doing big things like walking, talking and feeding themselves, but there are other milestones you should keep an eye for as well.

My son was developed mobility wise pretty quick. He sat up at four months, crawled at seven and was walking at ten months. I, honestly, did not even think he was going to crawl at all. However, it is perfectly reasonable for your child not to be walking at a year! My mom, who used to be a doctor, always told her patients “At least you know they’ll be an excellent reader!” (Crawling connects the right and left side of the brain which is also used for reading). As long as your child is crawling, standing along furniture and showing interest in getting mobile, you’re good.

Some language milestones will be making their appearance if they haven’t already when they turn one! The classic “mama” and “dada” of course, maybe an “uh oh” or other easy words. They may be shaking their head no; my son learned this one before one, and it only took a month before he learned that it meant “NO” and now he promptly shakes his head “no” at the food he doesn’t want or toys he doesn’t want. My son’s actual first word was “baby”! It melts my heart whenever he says it, which isn’t much because I pester him too much. He really has found his voice though, let me tell you! He is a yeller (“like his momma” my husband would say) he gets frustrated and was beginning to throw tantrums, so that’s fun! So, he’s starting to learn to cry it out, and that we don’t always get everything we want in life! Your child should be showing more interest and attempts at talking and imitating words around their first birthday.


Some other milestones would be, pointing (another favorite of mine; although my son likes to just point at literally everything not even knowing what he really wants), pinching, poking, exploring objects in all kinds of fun ways like banging them together and throwing them on the floor! My son has been into doodle pads and etch-a-sketches lately. One thing I suggest for this age is a learning tower! Narrating every activity and task to your child is super important, and a learning tower takes that idea to the next level. My son loves to be in his tower, watching mommy cook dinner, and being in the mix.


Life with a one-year-old change every single day, and it is a lot different than having that sleepy squishy newborn (swoon!). It is always exciting, always an adventure! Just remember that every child is different and grows in their own way. Don’t try to rush them to learn subjects before school and make them grow up too fast! Enjoy them now; they’ll only be this little once!

They’ll only get to play all day without a care in the world once! Enjoy them! 

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