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To cloth or not to cloth. Let's talk cloth diapers.

Posted on November 08 2018

Before I even had Wyatt, I knew I wanted to cloth diaper, which meant while my husband and I were trying to get pregnant, I was also trying to convince him to cloth! He wasn’t too keen on it, but after I told him all the research I had done and all the benefits of cloth diapering, he was convinced, and if we didn’t like it we could always sell the diapers and switch to disposables!



This obviously hasn’t happened; I absolutely LOVE cloth diapering my son. It is way better for the environment, for baby, and for your WALLET, the list goes on, but I’ll just share a couple here with you today.

Did you know that you’re not supposed to dump poop in the landfills?! And yet we dump all our kids’ dirty diapers in there. We always try and do our part to help this good ole Earth of ours, and we like that our diapers aren’t leaving a footprint so to speak.

I also love that there aren’t any chemicals in our diapers! Disposable diapers have tons of chemicals in them to make them “more absorbent,” and our precious little bundle's skin is so sensitive, it soaks all those chemicals right up like a sponge! No chemicals mean, no diaper rashes!



Cloth diapers are more expensive upfront, but over the whole spans of time, your child spends in diapers, its way cheaper. The average parent spends about $1700 A YEAR on diapers! Whereas, all your cloth diapering essentials will cost you anywhere between $400-$800 dollars, depending on which system you go with. If you use cloth wipes along with diapers, it’ll save you even more, but that’s a separate story.

I could literally go on forever about the benefits of cloth, and I do love when people ask me why I chose to cloth. It seems so uncommon, I don’t know anyone who cloth diapers, so I love to spread the word and hopefully make cloth more mainstream! Not to mention, how freaking cute are they!? Fair warning, if you do choose to cloth your baby, be prepared to become addicted! There are too many cute prints out there, and I certainly don’t have the willpower to resist them all!!

Are you convinced that cloth diapering is for you? Great! Let’s talk options, to help you navigate your diapering journey.

Let’s start with Budget, how much do you want to spend? The answer to this question will determine which system you will go with. Cloth diapers have come a long way since back in the day. They’re super modern and you will hardly notice the difference between disposables!

What’s the Difference Between the systems?

First let’s start with Two’s, or Hybrids, this system is made up of a cover you reuse and an insert you change out. All in twos, or hybrids, are the cheapest option and you have the most options to customize and change your routine as your baby gets older and changes. What I really love about my hybrids is that as my son has grown up and started solid foods, or started becoming a heavier wetter at night, I can change the inserts and add inserts as I need to keep him dryer longer without any leaks! The other thing I love about hybrids is that they are the most cost efficient option! You only need a handful of covers to get you through the day (depending on your child’s age and how often you want to do laundry) and a good amount of inserts! If you are on a strict budget, shopped sales (or even used!), you could get away with getting a hybrid system for around $200. Two hundred dollars, for the entire life of your child diapering days!!

Next up, Pocket Diapers, which are pretty much what they sound like, there’s a pocket that you stuff with your inserts. Once your baby has soiled a pocket, you need to wash it; there is no reusing the cover on pockets! Pockets I loved for when my son was an infant and not eating solids, as pockets don’t spray off as easy. However, if your baby is exclusively breastfed you can toss that poop right in the wash as it is water soluble! Pockets are fairly reasonable in price as well, still a cheap option depending on how often you want to do laundry. You, of course, will need more diapers if you want to do laundry less frequently. Pockets are also just a tad bit more work as you have to stuff them with inserts every laundry day. It’s not too bad of a job, but it tends to get old after a while. You also have to pull the inserts out of the pockets before you put them in the laundry. So, if you’re trying to avoid touching the soiled diapers as much as possible, pockets might not be for you!

Lastly, there is All In Ones, which is the most similar to a disposable diaper. The insert is sewn into the diaper, so there isn’t any stuffing (unless you need extra absorbency) they are ready to go, and once they are soiled you toss them in your pale! As I mentioned, All in ones are most like disposables as you have the insert sewn in. It’s all there, no muss no fuss! No stuffing pockets, no changing out inserts. All in ones are the most pricey option; one diaper could run $20 or more! So this system could average you about $800, which is still way less than what you would spend on disposables, but if you’re on a budget these probably aren’t for you. I feel like dads tend to like all in ones the most because you literally don’t have to do anything with these, just throw them right into the pale and you’re done. They are the easiest, but the priciest. They also take longer to dry too which is a factor you should consider!

Figuring out what system you want to use is the biggest hurdle to get through when you decide to cloth. Once you decide that, it’s pretty much downhill from there. Have questions or need to bounce some ideas around, leave me a comment and I’m happy to help you out!

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