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hipsqueak is a no commitment required children's clothing box, filled with a hand curated collection of either; new items, gently loved items, or a combination of both.

Gone are the days of having to shop for hours at multiple stores only to settle or spend a small fortune on fashion finds that your tiny humans grow out of before it even gets a second wash. Let us take the legwork out of the process – we’ll send you only the highest quality fashions directly to your door. Ranging from classic to minimalist, to the latest trends or vintage; our picks are focused on comfort, style, and wearability.

No need to MMA wrestle your toddler in changing room, try on at home – pay only for the items you keep and send the items back to us that didn’t make the cut, no questions asked.

We know you are crafting those tiny humans into extraordinary ones so let us help you do some of the busy work; we’ve got this covered, pinky promise.

Our Brands

You will receive hand-selected pieces from brands you know and love such as; Baby Gap, Burt’s Bees Baby, Cat & Jack, Freshly Picked, Hatley, H&M, Janie & Jack, Peek, Tea, Vans, and many more. We will also include our current favorites from independent designers that provide only the highest quality items; most of which are made by environmentally and ethically responsible manufacturers. It is our goal that your Hipsqueak box contains brands you already know, love, and trust. As well as introduce to a few that we know you will come to love.

Meet the Moms Behind hipsqueak

Hey parents! I’m Mariya. The founder and hands-on-mama behind hipsqueak.

I’m a native Southern Californian, newly Tennessean. My chosen sister Jaya is a Chicago native, but after 11 years of living 2,000 miles apart we are finally living in the same state again. Reunited and styling boxes 24/7 while loving every minute of it.

My life “necessities” include any and everything Disney – movies, parks, cruises, I’m in for all of it. Margaritas on the rocks with salt, Mexican food, Friday night movie night with my littles, quote boards (I’m a sucker for a good quote) and a stash of junior mints or peanut butter M&M’s (placed strategically in that back dark corner of the pantry so you won’t have to share with your kids).

I question the necessity of snakes as a species almost daily, I hate horror movies. And whole-heartedly believe 80’s music can cure even the worst of days. ⁣

I’ve come to accept that the “perfect balance” surrounding motherhood and entrepreneurship doesn’t exist. Instead, I focus on the here and now - giving myself permission to show up as a mom, a business woman, a wife, a sister, a friend, and dropping the guilt if I can’t show up as all of them at once.

⁣Welcome to hipsqueak. And thank you for supporting this mama’s passion and fueling her soul.

Hey! I’m Jaya. The co-founder and other hands-on-mama behind hipsqueak.

Raised in Chicago, but I have called California, Tennessee, and Atlanta home at some point. I’m a “new” first time mom (planning on claiming that til he’s 50!!) He is the best thing I have ever created. Everyday he is teaching me to love without constriction or condition.

I’m a Diet Coke drinking, sushi loving, chocolate hating, kind of gal. I sing daily (to myself) though I worked a stage back in the day. My bestie is the dreamer who pulls me into all of her grandiose plans- enter hipsqueak- A journey that I share with “my person”. Ya we are weird like that but it’s been our way since the day we met, in good ole Los Angeles. Craigslist brought us together but that’s a story for a different day.

I’m in the phase of life where I’m outgrowing what I once thought I couldn’t live without and falling in love with what I didn’t even know I wanted. It’s a ride that’s for sure.

I’m learning to not be afraid. To trust the journey and process. To find the lessons.

Welcome to hipsqueak. Where mom’s like you are burning the midnight oil to make a little dream a big reality. We appreciate each and everyone of you.

hipsqueak isn’t complicated. It’s Hip Kids, Made Simple!

It’s a basic philosophy - but hey, we are basic moms and believe in getting to the point quickly!

So to keep in tone of simplicity, here is our business manifesto in three simple points.

  1. We desire to create an effortless way for parents to shop the best brands while saving time and money, because let’s face it we all could use more of both.
  2. We believe in being eco-conscious and earth friendly. Stocking our boxes with hip brands that are made by environmentally and ethically responsible manufacturers. And embracing our “pre-loved” model and giving hip pieces that are in excellent condition a second life.
  3. To leave the world more loved. To pay it forward and to give back. Which is why we donate hundreds of boxes a year to organizations committed to making the world a better place.

It’s not always easy trying to balance building a brand and raising our littles, but when you love what you do and can incorporate the two worlds, it’s so worth all the obstacles.

Welcome to hipsqueak.

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